[check our latest COVID-19 update here]

Due to the recent development with regard to the coronavirus, we’d like to update you about our changed services. We will continuously reconsider how to maintain our services safely.

You can still rent a boat….

Since we offer an outside activity for a maximum of 10 persons while the rental is fully automated and contactless (no interaction with personnel), there is no necessity to put our rental services on hold at this moment.

And because we obviously do understand that these uncertain times might make you change your mind, it’s possible to reschedule bookings till April 6th at no costs to another date in this season. (please note: if the new date will result in higher rental prices, the price difference will -as usual- be deducted from the deposit)

…but please take your responsibility:

Therefore we have some very important recommendations, which are in line with the RIVM-guidelines:

  • Don’t go if you already have (early) signs of coronavirus. Please check RIVM for the symptoms;
  • Please only enter a boat with people you already live with. This means your partner, your family, or household.Make sure you’ll keep the company as limited as possible;
  • Come preferably not with public transport;
  • If you might meet other tenants at the boat, please provide them space so you can pass at a safely distance. We will try to create extra space between the bookings where possible, so you basically should not be meeting others at the boat;
  • Please clean the electricity plug, steering wheel and throttle lever with a disinfectant wipe before AND after your trip to minimize the risks. Of course also bring your disinfectant hand gel for your regular preventive cleanings.

If everybody follows these simple guidelines, a sailing trip might be a welcome distraction while leaving the house for a moment. But please don’t take unnecessary risks.

If you have any questions, we are available at info@greenjoy.nl.

Good luck the coming weeks. Hopefully the coronavirus is soon to be controlled and it will be possible again to have an unconcerned time.

See you at the water,

Team Greenjoy