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    Different prices upon availability. What’s up with that?2019-05-01T12:25:11+01:00

    Just like in the aviation and travel industry, Greenjoy works with dynamic prices. Always sharp but not fixed.

    The price automatically adjusts to supply and demand, the (weeks)circumstances and the season.

    In general Greenjoy has one of the most advantageous rates in the market for such large electric boats. Our rates vary from 20-45 euros per hour. Do you really want the lowest rates? Choose for example a combination of departure earlier in the morning or later in the day, 1 to 2 weeks in advance and choose more hours, for example 4 or more and outside the high season. The Loosdrecht and Leeuwarden locations, are also somewhat cheaper.

    To see the differences clearly, please visit and choose different dates and starting times to see the prices.

    Monday morning half cloudy is a different story than Sunday with 25 degrees. That means that there will be days where everyone can sail for a few bucks per hour. On top days this will be a lot higher. By making some hours more expensive, we can make the other hours cheaper. We call that “making it accessible to everyone for a boat trip”. In this way, (equal to buying low budget flight tickets), we can operate most efficiently and cost-effectively.

    I have to pay a deposit, when will I get it back?2019-05-01T12:25:37+01:00

    If there is no damage detected after sailing and have you behaved as a good family man? We will then ensure that the deposit is transferred to your account within one week. We also deal with three working days of transaction time of the payment agency / ‘payment provider’ for regular IDEAL payments. In the case of payments with credit cards (5 euro extra), processing by the payment provider Multisafepay can take a lot longer.

    What happens if I am back too late?2019-05-01T12:25:46+01:00

    Call in any case! If no one is waiting for you then there is no problem in itself, but the costs are calculated via the deposit. You can also call while you are sailing to ask if you can continue sailing (call on time!). If possible, we would like to extend the duration (at the same hourly rate).

    But we do not like coming too late! So if people are waiting, we’ll pay a fine. Because that is just annoying for those people. We have to compensate them with time or money. So if you come late we calculate (at least) 30 Euro and then another 30 euro per half hour that you arrive too late. We keep this from your deposit. See also our conditions.

    But do us yourself and others a favor – just come back in time and make sure you’re back five minutes before the end of the rental period.

    TIP: If you sail for two hours, return within the hour. Then you will always be back in time

    Are there pillows or life jackets on board?2021-08-16T13:46:42+01:00

    No, unfortunately we do not have a space where we can store these things. Therefore it might be a good idea to bring a pillow or towel if you are going to sail a bit longer.

    Although the boats are very stable and spacious, for young children we recommend to use life jackets. You can buy them at any water sports shop, but mostly you can also find cheaper inflatable life jackets at HEMA. But the golden tip we see most of our clients make use of, is putting on the floaties, since most young families do already have inflatable water wings.

    Addresses of the locations, where can I find them?2019-05-01T12:27:58+01:00

    All addresses of our locations can be found here

    NB: Since the Greenjoy locations are at the water, the addresses mentioned are an indication of the location near the water. As soon as you are there you will immediately see the boats.

    How to make a reservation at Greenjoy2019-05-01T12:28:37+01:00

    It’s very easy to book a boat online: just navigate to our ‘online booking’-section and select your location, time and duration. Our system will then automatically generate the best price.

    Since our price is dynamic you might check different time frames to find the best price for you (i.e. early in the morning and during a weekday are most affordable).

    Once you’ve selected your time frame just finish the form and proceed to the online payment by clicking on the “Reserveren”-button. The booking will only be completed after online payment per iDeal (Dutch), creditcard (VISA/Mastercard; € 5 surcharge) or Sofort. Bookings will be accepted up to 10 minutes before departure, so last minute booking should not be a problem (as long as we’re not fully booked!).

    A confirmation email with some instructions will be send to your mailbox. Activate the boat via a text message and off you go!

    During the season (end of march – beginning of december) we are open 7 days a week from 9.00-22.00

    Contact details

    Greenjoy Alkmaar, Groningen, Haarlem, Loosdrecht, Purmerend – De Beemster, Vinkeveen and Utrecht

    We are open 7 days a week from 10:00 to 22:00
    (in the low season we close a little earlier) 


    Greenjoy Friesland

    We are open 7 days a week from 10:00 to 20:00.