Corona precautions2020-06-01T15:44:52+01:00
How to stay save on a rental boat during COVID-19
How to stay save on a rental boat during COVID-19

Corona precautions at Greenjoy

Corona precautions at Greenjoy

With who can I do a boat trip?2020-06-08T10:37:28+01:00

You can have a boat trip with whoever you want, as long as you maintain a mutual distance of 1.5 meter (5ft) between different households. This means, that when you’re not a household together, you have to maintain a mutual distance of 1.5 meter between friends, families, family and grandparents, two sets of partners, etc. This is quite possible on our spacious boats for 2 household with 2 persons or 3 households with 1 person. Please mind that both police and municipal enforcers are keeping an eye on the canals, so please stick to the precautions to prevent high fines.

Can I rent a boat at Greenjoy?2020-04-06T15:41:22+01:00

Yes, we are open. We have adjusted our cleaning and planning so that the boats are clean every day and you do not have to meet other tenants. However, there is an important responsibility for you as a tenant, read the corona measures. And ofcourse stick to the rules of the RIVM!

What can I do to assure a safe boat trip?2020-05-29T15:55:40+01:00

Prepare well and bring your own disinfectant wipes to clean the electricity plug, the steering wheel and the throttle before AND after the boat trip to eliminate unnecessary risks for you and other tenants. Also make sure to maintain a mutual distance of at least 1.5 meters (5 feet) between different households.

What does Greenjoy do to assure a safe boat trip?2020-04-12T19:05:15+01:00

Greenjoy ensures that the boats are extra cleaned both in the morning and in the evening. In particular it disinfects the contact parts: the electricity plug, the steering wheel and the throttle. Moreover, Greenjoy attempts to make sure to block one hour before AND after your boat trip, to make sure you do not have to meet other tenants.

Why is it so important to follow up these precautions?2020-04-06T15:39:14+01:00

Being on a boat is a very safe way to get some air. However, only if we work together to ensure that the boats remain clean and disinfected and that we stick to the rules. If this does not happen, the mayor may decide to ban boat rental.

What if I don’t follow the precautions?2020-04-12T18:47:54+01:00

Both police and municipal enforcers are keeping an eye on the canals. When they notice the RIVM precautions to be violated on your boat, every passenger will be fined € 390. So that would be a very expensive boat trip. So please obey and don’t take unnecessary risks, there already are several tenants fined because they did not satisfy the precautions. We also keep an eye on you, together with our contacts along the canals. If we notice that the precautions are not complied with, we are forced to withhold the deposit. This is a very tedious procedure, but you have to understand that we also want to guarantee a safe situation for other tenants.

[update dd 1 June 2020] Due to COVID-19 and related regulations, Greenjoy reserves the right to move a booking or convert it to a rental credit if the situation urges it. 

Taking care of the safety for our renters, we evaluate our rental services in relation to the RIVM-guidelines on a regular base. Where needed we will adjust our services and communication in order to preserve the safety of our renters.

Here you will read the most recent precautions we take and share with our renters.

Since Greenjoy offers an outside activity while the rental is fully automated and contactless (no interaction with personnel), there is no necessity to put our rental services on hold at this moment. You’re happily isolated at the canals and there’s no need to have contact with anybody but your own company.

But please take your responsibility following these corona precautions (from June 1st):

  1. Don’t go if you already have (early) signs of corona. Please check RIVM for the symptoms;
  2. Always maintain a mutual distance of 1.5 meter (5 ft) between different households while on board or around the docks. Only members of the same household or children up to 12 years are allowed to sit/stand next to each other. Make sure you’ll keep the company as limited as possible, max 5 passengers;
  3. If you might meet other renters at the boat, please provide them space -at least 1.5m (5ft)- so you can pass at a safely distance;
  4. Please prepare your boat trip and take disinfectant wipes with you. Please clean the electricity plug, steering wheel and throttle lever with a disinfectant wipe before AND after your trip to minimize the risks. Of course also bring your disinfectant hand gel for your regular preventive cleanings.

Greenjoy attempts to spread the starting times of bookings and strives to create extra space between the bookings where possible. This way, you basically should not be meeting others at the boat.

If everybody follows these simple corona precautions, a sailing trip might be a welcome distraction while leaving the house for a moment. But please don’t take unnecessary risks.