stay safe
stay safe

Corona precautions at Greenjoy

Corona precautions at Greenjoy

[update dd april 2022]

Currently there are no specific or additional Covid regulations 

Taking care of the safety for our renters, we evaluate our rental services in relation to the RIVM-guidelines on a regular base. Where needed we will adjust our services and communication in order to preserve the safety of our renters.

Here you will read the most recent precautions we take and share with our renters.

Since Greenjoy offers an outside activity while the rental is fully automated and contactless (no interaction with personnel), there is no necessity to put our rental services on hold at this moment. You’re happily isolated at the canals and there’s no need to have contact with anybody but your own company.

But please take your responsibility following these corona precautions:

  1. Don’t go if you already have (early) signs of corona. Please check RIVM for the symptoms;
  2. Always maintain a mutual distance
  3. If you might meet other renters at the boat, please provide them space -at least 1.5m (5ft)- so you can pass at a safely distance;
  4. Please prepare your boat trip and take disinfectant wipes or handgel with you.

Please don’t take unnecessary risks and Enjoy your trip!

Visit our F.A.Q. for more questions and answers