Just like in the aviation and travel industry, Greenjoy works with dynamic prices. Always sharp but not fixed.

The price automatically adjusts to supply and demand, the (weeks)circumstances and the season.

In general Greenjoy has one of the most advantageous rates in the market for such large electric boats. Our rates vary from 20-45 euros per hour. Do you really want the lowest rates? Choose for example a combination of departure earlier in the morning or later in the day, 1 to 2 weeks in advance and choose more hours, for example 4 or more and outside the high season. The Loosdrecht and Leeuwarden locations, are also somewhat cheaper.

To see the differences clearly, please visit http://greenjoy.nl/online-reserven and choose different dates and starting times to see the prices.

Monday morning half cloudy is a different story than Sunday with 25 degrees. That means that there will be days where everyone can sail for a few bucks per hour. On top days this will be a lot higher. By making some hours more expensive, we can make the other hours cheaper. We call that “making it accessible to everyone for a boat trip”. In this way, (equal to buying low budget flight tickets), we can operate most efficiently and cost-effectively.