At Greenjoy you can easily move any reservations, but there are costs involved:

    1. Up to 48 hours in advance you can simply move the booking, just call or email us. We charge 10 Euro administration costs and any additional price with the newly chosen date.
    2. If you want to change the reservation just before departure for whatever reason (weather, rain or your changing schedule), we can do so, but we will then keep 50% of the rent. (with a minimum of 50 Euro) the remaining then remains as rental credit.
    3. In the event of severe weather (only very strong winds and / or thunderstorms), Greenjoy reserves the right to move the reservation to another preferred date. From code orange in the region concerned (see also knmi and warnings in region Utrecht , North Holland )
    4. If you want to cancel the reservation for another reason or period than in previous points, you can do so, but we keep 50% of the rent (with a minimum of 50 Euro) and the remaining is converted into a rental credit.

We use this policy because we want to use sharp and sympathetic prices, (last minute) cancellations deprive us of the chance to rent a boat (again), and we also carry out preparation work per reservation.