Do you have mobility problems? There is a dock next to the theater, where a person can sail to get people on board. You go under the Leidsebrug, left, short through and then you get to the dock. (bottom right next to the bridge after 50 meters on the long side of the theater)


In this location, we have three jetties of 60 cm wide with a simple step. Is this too difficult? Then put the boat on departure at the side to make boarding even easier.


It is possible in the harbor of Jachthaven Het Anker to sail the boat to the parking lot, where people with walking difficulties can more easily get on the boat.


Our jetty in the center of Leeuwarden is wheelchair accessible. The dock of the first boat is best suited for getting into the boat from a wheelchair. It is always recommended to contact us, we will ensure that the boat is ready.