With most smartphones you can now make mobile payments. Often you still need your random reader to pay.

Fortunately, more and more banks are offering the possibility to make an IDEAL payment (dutch) via your mobile app from the bank. This is possible without the use of the random reader but with a simple pin code. Most major banks such as ABN, Rabo and ING have already taken steps. many will still follow.

With this option you can book a boat at Greenjoy from your mobile! Up to minutes before departure.

Below an overview of the possibilities of IDEAL payments via your Mobile app as far as we have found:

Which banks already allow IDEAL via your App?

ABN (within the daily limit)
ING: (up to 250 euros)
SNS bank
ASN bank (for unknown accounts the reader is required once)

Other banks:
Do you have experiences with this or an update from a bank that makes this possible? Let us know, because the developments are going fast.