Call in any case! If no one is waiting for you then there is no problem in itself, but the costs are calculated via the deposit. You can also call while you are sailing to ask if you can continue sailing (call on time!). If possible, we would like to extend the duration (at the same hourly rate).

But we do not like coming too late! So if people are waiting, we’ll pay a fine. Because that is just annoying for those people. We have to compensate them with time or money. So if you come late we calculate (at least) 30 Euro and then another 30 euro per half hour that you arrive too late. We keep this from your deposit. See also our conditions.

But do us yourself and others a favor – just come back in time and make sure you’re back five minutes before the end of the rental period.

TIP: If you sail for two hours, return within the hour. Then you will always be back in time