If you take the turns calm and slow down on time, the chance of damage is really small.(also be cautious when reversing near the shore – the propeller is very fragile!). The boats do not sail fast, so the probability of real damage is not big. If it does happen – someone else can also be the cause – always call us ( see contact page.)

Record the details of the other person. Also make a damage report with a situation sketch and according to you the cause of the problem.

The chance is not very big that you damage the boat yourself. The bumper, the front bumper and the aluminum can have a lot. It is more likely that damage has occurred to another boat. As a captain/tenant you accept your own responsibility. Your WA insurance sometimes also covers this (provided you have not drunk too much – the ‘BOB’ also applies to the water).

Also remember that some boats are owned by fellow participants. Greenjoy only rents them. So be careful with the stuff of (maybe) your neighbor. Our boat owners are nice people (some say even enlightened spirits), who like that other people also have fun with their boat.