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What is the minimum rental period?2019-05-01T12:23:04+01:00

At most rental companies you have to rent at least one half day (four hours). We think that two hours are more than enough. Of course you can also rent for longer, the price per hour is often cheaper too.

How to make a reservation at Greenjoy2019-05-01T12:28:37+01:00

It’s very easy to book a boat online: just navigate to our ‘online booking’-section and select your location, time and duration. Our system will then automatically generate the best price.

Since our price is dynamic you might check different time frames to find the best price for you (i.e. early in the morning and during a weekday are most affordable).

Once you’ve selected your time frame just finish the form and proceed to the online payment by clicking on the “Reserveren”-button. The booking will only be completed after online payment per iDeal (Dutch), creditcard (VISA/Mastercard; € 5 surcharge) or Sofort. Bookings will be accepted up to 10 minutes before departure, so last minute booking should not be a problem (as long as we’re not fully booked!).

A confirmation email with some instructions will be send to your mailbox. Activate the boat via a text message and off you go!

During the season (end of march – beginning of december) we are open 7 days a week from 9.00-22.00

Pricing & dynamic pricing

Different prices upon availability. What’s up with that?2019-05-01T12:25:11+01:00

Just like in the aviation and travel industry, Greenjoy works with dynamic prices. Always sharp but not fixed.

The price automatically adjusts to supply and demand, the (weeks)circumstances and the season.

In general Greenjoy has one of the most advantageous rates in the market for such large electric boats. Our rates vary from 20-45 euros per hour. Do you really want the lowest rates? Choose for example a combination of departure earlier in the morning or later in the day, 1 to 2 weeks in advance and choose more hours, for example 4 or more and outside the high season. The Loosdrecht and Leeuwarden locations, are also somewhat cheaper.

To see the differences clearly, please visit http://greenjoy.nl/online-reserven and choose different dates and starting times to see the prices.

Monday morning half cloudy is a different story than Sunday with 25 degrees. That means that there will be days where everyone can sail for a few bucks per hour. On top days this will be a lot higher. By making some hours more expensive, we can make the other hours cheaper. We call that “making it accessible to everyone for a boat trip”. In this way, (equal to buying low budget flight tickets), we can operate most efficiently and cost-effectively.

I have to pay a deposit, when will I get it back?2024-07-02T21:16:31+01:00

If there is no damage detected after sailing and have you behaved as a good family man? We will then ensure that the deposit is transferred to your account within one week. We also deal with three working days of transaction time of the payment agency / ‘payment provider’ Multisafepay for regular IDEAL payments. In the case of payments with credit cards (5 euro extra), processing by the payment provider Multisafepay can take a lot longer.

Pay with your Mobile2019-05-01T12:27:11+01:00

With most smartphones you can now make mobile payments. Often you still need your random reader to pay.

Fortunately, more and more banks are offering the possibility to make an IDEAL payment (dutch) via your mobile app from the bank. This is possible without the use of the random reader but with a simple pin code. Most major banks such as ABN, Rabo and ING have already taken steps. many will still follow.

With this option you can book a boat at Greenjoy from your mobile! Up to minutes before departure.

Below an overview of the possibilities of IDEAL payments via your Mobile app as far as we have found:

Which banks already allow IDEAL via your App?

ABN (within the daily limit)
ING: (up to 250 euros)
SNS bank
ASN bank (for unknown accounts the reader is required once)

Other banks:
Do you have experiences with this or an update from a bank that makes this possible? Let us know, because the developments are going fast.

Cancellations or moving the reservation

How does Greenjoy handle cancellations or moving the reservation?2019-05-01T12:25:56+01:00

At Greenjoy you can easily move any reservations, but there are costs involved:

    1. Up to 48 hours in advance you can simply move the booking, just call or email us. We charge 10 Euro administration costs and any additional price with the newly chosen date.
    2. If you want to change the reservation just before departure for whatever reason (weather, rain or your changing schedule), we can do so, but we will then keep 50% of the rent. (with a minimum of 50 Euro) the remaining then remains as rental credit.
    3. In the event of severe weather (only very strong winds and / or thunderstorms), Greenjoy reserves the right to move the reservation to another preferred date. From code orange in the region concerned (see also knmi and warnings in region Utrecht , North Holland )
    4. If you want to cancel the reservation for another reason or period than in previous points, you can do so, but we keep 50% of the rent (with a minimum of 50 Euro) and the remaining is converted into a rental credit.

We use this policy because we want to use sharp and sympathetic prices, (last minute) cancellations deprive us of the chance to rent a boat (again), and we also carry out preparation work per reservation.

Safety on the water

Sailing rules2020-07-15T13:35:40+01:00
  • Always keep right while sailing. Professional sailing (including cruising) and naturally propelled vessels (sailboats, SUPs, surfers, canoes, etc.) always take precedence!
  • No music, respect your surroundings!

What should I do in strong winds?2020-07-15T13:33:48+01:00

If strong winds are forecasted, keep in mind that driving the boat can be more difficult. As long as you stay in the city center, the wind does not have to be a problem. Be careful not to look for open water! From wind force 4/5 high waves can occur on open water, this can cause unpleasant situations and damage to the boat.

What should I do if the boat makes a strange noise or goes slow?2020-07-15T13:30:41+01:00

It is possible that there are some water plants or a plastic bag in the propellor. Always contact us if the boat is slower than normal, or makes a strange noise. We can easily resolve many things remotely together.

The boats

Number of people on a boat2019-05-01T12:24:53+01:00

The boats of Greenjoy are very spacious! Because of the CE norms and safety, we maintain that you can sail on the boat with a maximum of 6 adults or 4 adults + 4 children. If you are in a different group size of 6 adults and 2 children, for example, calculate that the total weight including baggage must not exceed 540KG and must be evenly distributed over the boat (preferably as much as possible in the front half of the boat).

Our boats in Alkmaar, Leeuwarden Blokhuispoort, Warten en Grou bieden have space up to 10 persons.

Before your boat trip

What should I do in strong winds?2020-07-15T13:33:48+01:00

If strong winds are forecasted, keep in mind that driving the boat can be more difficult. As long as you stay in the city center, the wind does not have to be a problem. Be careful not to look for open water! From wind force 4/5 high waves can occur on open water, this can cause unpleasant situations and damage to the boat.

Food and drink during the boat trip2019-05-01T12:22:25+01:00

You can bring your own food and drinks during the boat trip. Make sure to take your trash with you after finishing the boat trip. Be nice for the next tenant


Can I bring my dog?2019-05-01T12:22:34+01:00

Yes, dogs are allowed on the boat. Make sure that you leave the boat clean afterwards.

Is sailing in a Greenjoy boat difficult? Do I need a boat license?2019-05-01T12:25:01+01:00

No, a sailing license is not necessary. Everyone over the age of 18 can rent a boat. It is also not difficult. You have a steering wheel to determine the course. A boat responds somewhat slower than a bicycle or car. Slowing down takes more time. The boats are all around equipped with a bumper. At the front there is a rubber bumper mounted. The most vulnerable part is the propeller. Use caution when reversing close to the side. If the propeller is damaged, you will not get back home, or really late.

The boat steers on the propeller, so always keep some ‘gas on / press it’ when you go through a corner. This is similar to an outboard motor.

Look ahead, take it easy, get used to it and then it will be fine. “Easy does it”.

Very important – do not take a risk on the water – and certainly not with professional shipping. Those big boys can hardly maneuver and stop – so NEVER go near them. Pass by and stay away from the propeller water – If you come close, the boat won’t steer anymore.

Are there pillows or life jackets on board?2021-08-16T13:46:42+01:00

No, unfortunately we do not have a space where we can store these things. Therefore it might be a good idea to bring a pillow or towel if you are going to sail a bit longer.

Although the boats are very stable and spacious, for young children we recommend to use life jackets. You can buy them at any water sports shop, but mostly you can also find cheaper inflatable life jackets at HEMA. But the golden tip we see most of our clients make use of, is putting on the floaties, since most young families do already have inflatable water wings.

Can I park in the neighborhood?2019-05-01T12:27:23+01:00

Haarlem: Parking is possible (paid) directly at the Oranje kade (pin/coins) at our location (click for route). Here or in the surrounding streets you usually find a place. If it is really busy then the Raaks parking garage  (click for route) is a 5 minute walk from our location. Preferably use the bike if you live in town ;-)

Utrecht: Parking can (paid) in the parking spaces along the Wittevrouwensingel, however we advise to park in the Grift-garage. This is cheaper.

Loosdrecht: Parking is possible on the spacious driveway of Jachthaven Het Anker

Leeuwarden: Parking is easy in the nearby surroundings

Is there an easy way to get on the boat for people with mobility problems?2019-05-01T12:27:32+01:00


Do you have mobility problems? There is a dock next to the theater, where a person can sail to get people on board. You go under the Leidsebrug, left, short through and then you get to the dock. (bottom right next to the bridge after 50 meters on the long side of the theater)


In this location, we have three jetties of 60 cm wide with a simple step. Is this too difficult? Then put the boat on departure at the side to make boarding even easier.


It is possible in the harbor of Jachthaven Het Anker to sail the boat to the parking lot, where people with walking difficulties can more easily get on the boat.


Our jetty in the center of Leeuwarden is wheelchair accessible. The dock of the first boat is best suited for getting into the boat from a wheelchair. It is always recommended to contact us, we will ensure that the boat is ready.

Addresses of the locations, where can I find them?2019-05-01T12:27:58+01:00

All addresses of our locations can be found here

NB: Since the Greenjoy locations are at the water, the addresses mentioned are an indication of the location near the water. As soon as you are there you will immediately see the boats.

During your boat trip

What should I do in strong winds?2020-07-15T13:33:48+01:00

If strong winds are forecasted, keep in mind that driving the boat can be more difficult. As long as you stay in the city center, the wind does not have to be a problem. Be careful not to look for open water! From wind force 4/5 high waves can occur on open water, this can cause unpleasant situations and damage to the boat.

What happens if I am back too late?2019-05-01T12:25:46+01:00

Call in any case! If no one is waiting for you then there is no problem in itself, but the costs are calculated via the deposit. You can also call while you are sailing to ask if you can continue sailing (call on time!). If possible, we would like to extend the duration (at the same hourly rate).

But we do not like coming too late! So if people are waiting, we’ll pay a fine. Because that is just annoying for those people. We have to compensate them with time or money. So if you come late we calculate (at least) 30 Euro and then another 30 euro per half hour that you arrive too late. We keep this from your deposit. See also our conditions.

But do us yourself and others a favor – just come back in time and make sure you’re back five minutes before the end of the rental period.

TIP: If you sail for two hours, return within the hour. Then you will always be back in time

What to do in case of damage?2019-05-01T12:26:29+01:00

If you take the turns calm and slow down on time, the chance of damage is really small.(also be cautious when reversing near the shore – the propeller is very fragile!). The boats do not sail fast, so the probability of real damage is not big. If it does happen – someone else can also be the cause – always call us ( see contact page.)

Record the details of the other person. Also make a damage report with a situation sketch and according to you the cause of the problem.

The chance is not very big that you damage the boat yourself. The bumper, the front bumper and the aluminum can have a lot. It is more likely that damage has occurred to another boat. As a captain/tenant you accept your own responsibility. Your WA insurance sometimes also covers this (provided you have not drunk too much – the ‘BOB’ also applies to the water).

Also remember that some boats are owned by fellow participants. Greenjoy only rents them. So be careful with the stuff of (maybe) your neighbor. Our boat owners are nice people (some say even enlightened spirits), who like that other people also have fun with their boat.

Sailing map and routes2019-05-01T12:28:19+01:00

All Greenjoy boats are equipped with a map of the inner city/local waterways. This is usually enough to plan a short trip. If you go a little further away or sail longer than it is a good choice to print out one of our online routes and take them with you. You can also use your mobile phone to request the route.

You can find the online sailing routes here

Have fun!

How long does the battery last during a trip?2019-05-01T12:28:31+01:00

No worries. Our boats operate up to 10-12 hours -without charging- at an average use (60 AMP)! This means they will be rented out several times on a day.

If for any reason the battery runs low on power the boat is equiped with a safety system and emergency power. The system will gradually lower the power to make sure you’ll get back safely but in a very low pace (2km/h).

If the boat suddenly stops operating you probably ‘hit’ a rope or plastic bag with the propellor. Unfortunately this is quite common when sailing through the canals.

In any case just call us (+31(0)85-4019555) so we can help you out with some additional instructions on how to easily solve the problem together.

Other questions

Other questions2019-05-01T12:28:26+01:00

Do you have another question?

Please feel free to contact us via email or call our service desk at +31(0)85-4019555. For contact details see our contact page