PLEASE, FIRST READ INSTRUCTIONS BELOW! After clicking a button, wait max 30 sec. for the system to respond before clicking again, thanks!

1. Check boat number
Double check if you are entering the right boat (check your booking information or text message)
(ALK1, ALK2, ALK3 or ALK4)

2. Close the draining plug

The holes are located on the bottom/floor of the boat on the left- and rightside or in the midde. Put the plugs in the holes.(ALK1 & ALK2 have 1 plug, located left)

3. Boat activation

Use the buttons above to start, pause and stop the boat IF YOU STOP THE BOAT YOU ARE UNABLE TO START THE BOAT AGAIN

4. Unplug the electricity plug

It’s connected to the dock. Put the cable in the boat. If the cable is already plugged out it’s no problem (boat can operate 10-12Hrs without charging)

5. Drive off

Press the round button at the right side of the steering wheel. And make sure all lines are untied. Now use the gas handle forward or backward to operate the boat. The upright position is neutral. Enjoy the trip!

6. Finished?

Be back in time, if there is damage call us to report. To stop your rental (and payment) you press the stop button above you wil receive a confirmation message Make sure the electricity plug is plugged in again!

  • Always sail at the right side of the water. Professional boats and tour boats always have priority on the water. Keep that in mind.
  • No loud music, pay attention to your surroundings.

Molen van Piet
Molen van Piet (1769) is a round stone scaffolding mill-flour mill in the Dutch city of Alkmaar. The mill is officially called ‘De Groot’ and was built as a mill on the Clarissenbolwerk near the former Kennemerpoort and still dominates the cityscape there.

In 1884, the mill was bought by Cornelis Piet, who had a house made at the bottom of the mill. The family name of this mill remained popularly associated with this mill, and the old name De Groot is hardly used.

De Waag / Waagplein (Cheese Market)
The Waag (1603) is a national monument on the Waagplein that has been used as a chapel and waag. The Dutch Cheese Museum and the Tourist Office are now located in the building. The building has a tower with famous horsemen and a beautiful carillon.

The cheese market is held on Waagplein in the summer.

The Accijnstoren
The Accijnstoren (1622) is square and built in brick with natural stone bands. The tower has a bell.

It was initially a sort of tax office. Imported goods had to be declared here, the excise duties that resulted were an important source of income for the city.

The tower was moved 4 meters in 1924 due to the widening of the Bierkade.

How long does the battery last during a trip?
No worries. Our boats operate up to 10-12 hours -without charging- at an average use (60 AMP)! This means they will be rented out several times on a day. If for any reason the battery runs low on power the boat is equiped with a safety system and emergency power. The system will gradually lower the power to make sure you‘ll get back safely but in a very low pace (2km/h). If the boat suddenly stops operating you probably ‘hit’ a rope or plastic bag with the propellor. Unfortunately this is quite common when sailing through the canals. In any case just call us (+31(0)85-4019555) so we can help you out with some additional instructions on how to easily solve the problem together.

What to do in case of damage?
If you take the curves calmly, slow down in time, the risk of damage is extremely small (also be careful with the reverse direction near the edge – the propeller is very fragile!). The sloops do not sail fast, so the chance of real damage is not great. If it does happen – someone else can also be the cause – always call us (see contact page). Record the details of the counterparty. Also make a damage report with a situation sketch and according to you the cause of the problem.