Plastic fishing at Greenjoy

Plastic fishing at Greenjoy

Do you want to go plastic fishing with your company, class, club of friends? Greenjoy has partnered up with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to fight plastic soup on a local base together.

With this collaboration we are able to offer you to go plastic fishing with your company, school, friends or family as a sustainable day-out in one of our Greenjoy cities. In this way you can pull your weight solving the plastic soup terror, which makes animals choke in floating plastics and causes plastic to enter the food chain of water animals, birds and finally humans.

Greenjoy & WWF Plastic Vissen arrangement

The plastic fishing package in 4 steps

The plastic fishing package in 4 steps

Online sloep reserveren bij Greenjoy

Book your boats
via our website or place an option on the boats by sending an email to (please note: booking via our website will be cheaper)

Contact Greenjoy

Contact us
via: and refer to your reservation number when informing us that you would like to make use of this sustainable group package.

Greenjoy & WWF plastic vissen arrangement

We’ll connect you to WWF 
Our WWF contact will connect the dots with you to make sure it will be a fun and sustainable event.

Plastic vissen gereedschap

Plastic fishing
You’re all set to make the canals a bit more clean together! You are provided with a plastic fishing fleet and all plastic fishing gear you’ll need. WWF does also take care of the most important part: take away the filthy catch.

The perfect group package!*

The perfect group package!*

Plastic fishing is the perfect way to organize a social responsible activity together. Either if it happens from an intrinsic motivation with friends and family, or more from an exposure type of motivation to show how important sustainability is to your company or club.

Plastic fishing does also have a very educational character. Therefore, these events are perfectly suited to combine with social responsibility programs at school.

So. Please roll up your sleeves and make a difference for the next generation. Together we take our responsibility. And although it’s a dirty job, every single time this group package proves to encourage an unknown teamspirit by doing something tangible for a better world together!

*For this group package we have a minimum group size of 20 persons. Because of the necessary arrangements, bookings of this package need to be completed at least 3 weeks before the event date.

What does this group package cost?

What does this group package cost?

For this group package you just book your plastic fishing fleet via using the prevailing (dynamic) prices.

For its essential role you also have to make a donation to WWF. This donation is a compensation for the use of materials (bags, gloves, fishing nets), arranging the logistics / take away the catch and the expenses made by WWF volunteers to make this group package possible.

How much you donate is all up to you, but we persist on a minimum of € 100. The WWF contact will be glad to tell you everything about how your donation will be used by WWF to make the world a better place.

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