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Check the best prices for Leeuwarden Van der Valk Hotel using the tool below.  10 person boats Mo-Fr €30/h, Sa-Su €35/h

Enjoy Leeuwarden.

Greenjoy makes it possible to easily rent a very spacious 10 person electric boat during your stay at hotel Van der Valk. Set sail to the historic city center of the European Capital of Culture 2018 or enjoy the beautiful land sights and while visiting the villages of Wirdum and Wergea by boat.

All sailing routes around Van der Valk

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In Leeuwarden there’s a lot to do. To make it easy, we collected the best tourist attractions, highlights and hotspots here on one page.

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Sailing around Leeuwarden

Renting a boat at Greenjoy is very easy

Online booking
Make your reservation online using competitive prices. Making a booking at Greenjoy is even possible till 10 minutes in advance!

Activate your boat
Start your boat very easily using your own mobile phone.


Sail away!
Enjoy your adventure. Steering the electric boat is extremely easy.

  • Free online sailing routes

  • Tips and local offers

  • Silently and comfortable

  • Sustainable enjoyment: 100% green

  • Every location works alike

  • Cosy family day-out

  • Sustainable company trip

  • Perfect location for a drink

  • Online booking

  • Always the best price

  • Manage from your mobile

  • Already possible for only 2 hours


“Nobody there to check back with in order to start the boat which is very convinient in order to directly get going. No license required and when shared with couple ppl not expensive. The best thing its electric no pollution happening ;)”


“If you do not want to be in a (crowded) tour boat with tourists, a boat  from Greenjoy is really the solution: easy to book, easy to drive, nice and sturdy boats, and they are really silent, so you do not suffer from the smoke or noise .”

van Veen

Boats & Sailing routes

At Greenjoy you will sail in comfortable electric boats. These silent boats enable you to enjoy nature and even better: let you be able to have a normal conversation on board, without the noise and smell. The boats are very spacious and have a capacity of up to  10 persons. You don’t need a sailing license to use our boats. The boats are extremely easy to use and our sailing instructions will make it possible to sail away without any previous experience.

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Greenjoy Van der Valk Hotel

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the rental is fully automated

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