Check the lovely sailing routes from harbour Wartena to National Park De Alde Feanen. Explore this beautiful nature area with it’s numerous windmills, flora and countless species. The perfect escape from daily city life and to find peace of mind. For both short and longer boat trips there will be enough to relish. 

Sailing routes in Warten / De Alde Feanen

(Please note! You are responsible to return your boat in time. Most of the time he next group will start their boat trip right after you. So please keep an eye on your watch!)

For short bookings (2 to 3 hours) we suggest to take the short route. Sailing this route you can explore De Alde Feanen and enjoy the beautiful nature and windmills along the way. When you’re arrived at Grutte Kritte you’ll get back north towards the Greenjoy harbour Jachthaven Wartena. Would you like to extend your boat trip with 1 hour? Then sail from Grutte Kritte to the Geau and via Folkertssloot back to Greenjoy harbour Jachthaven Wartena.

For the big adventure (5 hours) you can sail through National Park De Alde Feanen towards the village of Grou. On this trip we strongly recommend to sail through the village of Eernewoude on you way back.

Hereunder you will find some nice sailing routes around Warten / De Alde Feanen. Use the upper-left menu for more information about the particular trips.

“Gemakkelijk en snel een elektrische sloep gehuurd en genoten van de mooie natuur van De Alde Feanen”


De Alde Feanen

Tip: De Alde Feanen is one of the Netherlands’ twenty National Parks, and for good reason. De Alde Feanen is a unique area, rich in nature and cultural history, a result of the peat excavations carried out here in the past.

The 2,000 hectares of low peat bog is home to no less than 450 species of plant and 100 species of nesting birds, including the bald eagle. The area is in the heart of Friesland, amidst a number of picturesque villages and close to Leeuwarden, Drachten and Heerenveen. more information


Tip: At the other side of National Park De Alde Feanen you will find the village of Grou. When you’re making a longer boat trip it’s recommended to visit this lovely village. Get something to drink (and eat if you like) at Het Theehuis before you set course to get back to the Greenjoy harbour at Jachthaven Wartena.