Check the best sailing routes in Alkmaar right here. Sail along the numerous hotspots in and around the beautiful city with it’s dozens of historical canals: through the green Geestersingel along the the famous Molen van Piet or go for an adventure to the Alkmaardermeer or the 1000 islands area.

Sailing routes in Alkmaar

(Please mind! You are responsible to return back in time. The next group will start directly at your end time. So please keep an eye on your watch!)

For the shorter bookings (2 hour) we advise to stay in town. For instance, sail through the Geestersingel and via Oudegracht or the Kennemerpark and Nieuwlandersingel to the Schelphoek. Then via Bierkade along the Accijnstoren through Kanaalkade back to our docks. This will take around an hour. According the rental time it can be fun to extend this route from Nieuwlandersingel by adding a round trip on Bleekersloot (+30min), or to extend your route from Bierkade along the Omval and get to Hoornsevaart via the famous ‘Chickenbridge’. This extra route is also called the round along Ouddorp and will take about +60min. And, of course, on days when there’s no cheese market, it’s just lovely to sail via Verdronkenoord or Lutik Oudorp along the center square: Waagplein.

Some good tips to seriously extend this boat trip are, for instance, to sail all the way to (Broek op) Langedijk with it’s gorgeous ‘1000 islands area’ (at least +4hours), or sailing through the farming fields in the direction of Bergen and Egmond (at least +3hours).

If you have even more time to enjoy on the boats, then you should definitely go on an adventure and take a relaxing float (and dive?) on the Alkmaardermeer!

Hereunder you will find some great sailing routes in Alkmaar. Click on the upper left menu for more information about the trip.

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Tip: Go for an adventure to Alkmaardermeer lake. Sail through the Noord-Hollands kanaal (stay utmost right, because of big ships passing!) via the Omval alongside Heiloo and enter the Alkmaardermeer at Akersloot. Here at the lake you can just float, swim and moor at one of the many restaurants at the waterfront. It is also possible to continu to the Uitgeestermeer and make a pitstop at the picturesque island De Woude which is an absolute recommendation if you have plenty of time!

Please mind: only just sailing towards Alkmaardermeer will take about 2 hours (one-way). So please take this into account to make sure you return back in time 😉

The 1000 islands area

Tip: Just north of Alkmaar you can find the picturesque village called Langedijk. Here you will find the famous auction hall Broekerveiling. Nowadays, it’s a museum, but earlier farmers came here on their typical cabbage barges from all over the province to sell their harvest at the auction. The whole area around the auction hall exists of a maze of ditches and canals with which the farmers could reach their acres in this turf moor. It is truly a unique experience to sail through this lovely area of thousand islands.

Please mind: only just sailing towards sluice where you will enter Broek op Langedijk will take about 1,5 hours (one-way). So please take this (and the sluice schedule!) into account to make sure you return back in time 😉

Sailing routes as PDF

Download the PDF sailing routes here, easy to use on your smartphone.