Bekijk Check out the most lovely boat trips along the hotspots and canals around the gorgeous city of Haarlem. Sail through the historical canals, reach out to Spaarndam of Heemstede via ‘Het Spaarne’ or go for nature (and a swim?) to ‘Mooie Nel’.

Sailing routes in Haarlem

For 2-hour bookings we suggest to stay in town. You may take the perfect round-trip around the historic canals via ‘Leidsevaart’, ‘Nieuwegracht’, ‘Bakenessegracht’, ‘Het Spaarne’, ‘Gasthuisvest’ and ‘Raamsingel’ right back to your starting point.

Some good tips to extend this round-trip will be to continu sailing on ‘Het Spaarne’ to the lovely city of ‘Heemstede’, or take a double-left when entering ‘Het Spaarne’ from ‘Nieuwegracht’ to sail along the gorgeous ‘Statenbolwerk’ by following ‘Kloppersingel’ and ‘Schotersingel’. Please note, the boat will not fit under the railway bridge so you have to take the same route back to ‘Het Spaarne’ before continuing your trip.

Are you in for a longer trip? Then -especially with sunny weather- it will be extremely relaxing to float on ‘Mooie Nel’, where you can also take a dive if you’d like to cool-down. And, if you have booked a trip for more then 5 hours, you can even sail along the iconic ‘Rondje van Haarlem’, along the ‘Mooie Nel’ to ‘Cruquius’, ‘Molenplas’ and via ‘Zuider Buiten Spaarne’ back again.

Hereunder you will find some great sailing routes in Haarlem. Use the top-left menu for more information.

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Revenge of the dragon

Tip: A lovely treasure hunt for kids, find the dragon which is hidden somewhere around the canals and secret corridors… They say you can only reach the dragon by electric boat… Get more information about this treasure hunt (Dutch) here!

Sailing routes as PDF

Download the PDF sailing routes here, easy to use on your smartphone.