Check the best sailing routes around Loosdrechtse Plassen right here. Sail straight to the best spots along these pleasure lakes, like the ‘Kalverstraat’, visit some desert islands, enter the gorgeous Vecht-river via Mijndense Sluis or go for the big adventure by sailing the famous ‘Rondje Loosdrecht’.

Sailing routes in Loosdrecht

For short bookings (2 hours) we recommend to stay on the Loosdrechtse Plassen. This lake offers far enough to see and experience because of it’s beautiful nature, adventurous islands, lots sailing boats (beware: they always have right of way!), and lot’s of cosy terraces to get some refreshments. When visiting the islands, please always use the mooring facilities, so you don’t get stuck with your boat on shallow waters.

When you’re in for a minimum of a 4 hour boat trip then it’s really fun to take the sluice called ‘Mijndense Sluis’ and enter the peaceful river Vecht. You’ll find a very beautiful trip along lovely estates, tea-houses and picturesque villages like Loenen aan de Vecht and Vreeland. Please be aware of the operation slots of the sluice and make sure you will be back in time! Also please make sure you attach the boat loosely in the sluice to make sure the boat is able to drop down with the water. (Note: for using the Mijndense Sluis you have to pay cash on the spot, please find the actual tariffs here (5,5m) (Dutch))

Are you out for an adventure of 5 hours or longer, then -in case of good weather- it’s great to sail the famous Rondje Loosdrecht and explore the greater area while chilling on deck.

Hereunder you will find some great sailing routes in Loosdrecht. Click on the upper left menu for more information about the trip.

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Use the augmented reality app ‘Layar’ on your smartphone and download the ‘Waterapp Loosdrechtse Plassen’ to navigate to the best hotspots around the Loosdrechtse Plassen-area! More information here (Dutch).

Sailing routes as PDF

Download the PDF sailing routes here, easy to use on your smartphone.