Here you can check beautiful sailing routes in Leeuwarden. Sail along the hotspots in and around this lovely European Capital of Culture (2018). Simply explore the historical canals around the old city or get right through the vibrant city center. For longer adventures it’s also possible to discover the surroundings of Leeuwarden via the ‘Emmakade’ and the nostalgic ‘Bonkevaart’.

Sailing routes in Leeuwarden

(Please note! You are responsible to return your boat in time. Most of the time he next group will start their boat trip right after you. So please keep an eye on your watch!)

For short bookings (2 hours) we strongly suggest to stay in town. For instance, you can start you trip through the canals around the old town or sail through the city center. Sail by the iconic ‘Apotheek’ in the historical city centre or pass by numberous other monumental buildings (Leeuwarden has 617 national monuments!). Sail along the ‘Lange Pijp’ en pass by the statue of Mata Hari and the gorgeous ‘Stadswaag’.

Just near the Greenjoy harbours in the city center, you will find the city beach (‘Stadsstrand’). When you’ll pass by the city beach and continu the water way, you will enter the lovely nature area along the little river called ‘Potmarge’. This is really an oasis of peace and nature. This boat trip will take about 1,5 hours.

Hereunder you will find some nice sailing routes in and around Leeuwarden. Use the upper-left menu for more information about the particular trips.

“If you do not want to be in a (crowded) tour boat with tourists, a boat  from Greenjoy is really the solution: easy to book, easy to drive, nice and sturdy boats, and they are really silent, so you do not suffer from the smoke or noise.”

Van Veen

Leeuwarden city center

Tip:  There’s a lot to see in the historical city center of Leeuwarden. Sail around the beautiful center using the canals which guide you along the numerous monumental buildings. ‘Blokhuispoort’ is a cultural business center which is located in the vibrant center of Leeuwarden. While there used to be kept prisoners, nowadays it’s crowded with creative minds and entrepreneurs working on the next big thing.

Potmarge Oasis

Tip: Just in the middle of the city of Leeuwarden exists a very special nature area along the little river ‘Potmarge’. A real oasis of peace and nature. Just a perfect exacte of the vibrant city and destress for a little while. Developing along time, since it’s opening in 2018 all sorts of cultural outbursts are popping-up around the Potmarge. Take a ride and enjoy the several creative breeding places, a real waterbar, art of willow-toes, and graffiti-art. All intended to enrich the experience on these waters. The Potmarge Oasis is a unique cooperation of educational institutions, artists, local community, and others. (more information (Dutch))