Need some winter tips? During the warm Dutch winters, the holidays are a great time to spend on the water. It’s The most wonderful time of the year to spend some quality time. Of course with family and friends while floating through the beautiful canals decorated with thousands of lights. Clear and sunny days are the best during winter, they will be unexpectedly pleasant. And, as long as you dress to the occasion, it will NOT be cold – but still the coolest thing to do ?.

10 winter tips

So have a great time at one of our locations in the lovely cities of Utrecht and Leeuwarden! We will be happy to give you 10 great winter tips to make your boat trip unforgettable:

  1. Wear a wind and rain protecting jack when on the boat. As long as your body stays warm, you will have the best time on the peaceful canals.
  2. When preparing, make sure you’ll pack some (fleece) blankets. While it provides you comfort when using it as a cushion, it also absorbs your body warmth, which keeps you even warmer.
  3. All time classic: take a thermos filled up with hot chocolate (or glühwein; adults only) for the perfect winter experience on board. This will result in cozy moments that will make people jealous.
  4. Pay extra attention to the canal houses around you during your winter boat trip. Since all leaves are off the trees, you will have a clear sight on the canal houses and will spot unique features you won’t notice during high season.
  5. When you’re enjoying your boat trip it’s a welcome brake to make a short pit stop at one of the (heated) terraces along the canals. Order a warm portion of typical Dutch ‘bitterballen’ (fried meatballs). The perfect way to heat up the system and recover quickly for part II.
  6. Not in the mood for ‘bitterballen’? Ask for a typical Dutch ‘stroopwafel’-store which must not be too hard to find in the city center.
  7. Oh, and even better! Only during the holidays you’ll definitely find a food truck around selling other typical Dutch food, called ‘oliebollen’. These will feed you up and keep you warm for a while!
  8. It’s not that busy as during high season, so enjoy all the space and relaxing vibes around you. You’ll have the whole canal for yourself!
  9. On rainy days, take a towel to dry off the seats when covered with raindrops. You will also find a wiper in one of the seats on board, but this won’t make it perfectly dry. The towel makes sure your pants stay dry so they don’t cool you down.
  10. And last but not least: since price does play a role in your experience of the boat trip… Take advantage of our special winter pricing! You will automatically get the best price while booking. The price will be much lower compared to the busy summer times.

We hope these winter tips inspire you to have an electric boat trip on the most wonderful time of the year. Enjoy!