TIPS! MA-VR: EXTRA VOORDELIG 9-11 UUR VERTREK : VROEGE VOGEL KORTING VROEGBOEKKORTING (VANAF 5 EN 14 DAGEN VOORUIT) LANGER VAREN MEER VOORDEEL (VANAF 4 UUR) LAGE BEZETTING = LAGE PRIJS HOGE BEZETTING = HOGE PRIJS NB: wij werken net als bij hotels en budget luchtvaartmaatschappijen met sterk variabele tarieven. In de daluren zijn wij heel voordelig en bij topdagen marktconform of zelf scherper. Wel zo vriendelijk!

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Contact us via mail or phone. For details see ourĀ contactpage

No worries. Our boats can operate up to 10-12 hours without charging at average use (60 AMP)! That means they will be rented out several times on a day.

If for any reason the battery runs low on power the boat is equiped with a security system and emergency power. The system will gradually lower the power to make sure you get back safe but in a very low pace (2km/h).

If the boat suddenly stops operating you probably ‘hit’ a rope or plastic bag with the propellor.

In any case call us so we can give some additional instructions to solve the problem.




It’s easy. On our website just go to the online booking section. Here you can select your location, time and duration. Our system will then automatically generate the best price. Since our price is dynamic you can play with different starting times and dates to see the price differnence. I.e. early in the morning and during a weekday is very affordable. Once you made your choice fill out the form and proceed to the online payment (IDEAL, VISA, MASTERCARD). Bookings are accepted up to 10 minutes before departure! A confirmation email together with some instructions will be send to you. Activate the boat via a text message and off you go!


During the season (eind of march – beginning of december) we are open 7 days a week from 9.00-22.00