Did you plan to visit Utrecht, The Netherlands? You probably picked this beautiful citytrip because of its fairytale-like looks: its historical buildings, the cosy squares filled with terraces, the well-known Dom tower, lots of shopping opportunities and without a doubt the most characterising of Utrecht: its famous canals.  If you visit Utrecht you will have a great time, that’s for sure.

As a historical lifeline through the city, back in the days the canals where used to transport supplies. Nowadays the canals facilitate the most perfect way to experience this lovely city. With some drinks and snacks on board you will have a great time exploring Utrecht. From the water you will have the best view on the old houses decorating the canals and you can sail right along the remarkable wharf-terraces at Oudegracht where people are having a drink and look jealously to your boat passing by. You can check some route suggestions right here.

No matter the weather

When the weather is great, it’s quite crowded on the canals. Everybody knows it’s the best way to spend the day with friends or family with a boat trip in the Utrecht canals. It’s a wonderful experience to be like a local and become part of this typical urban vibe.

When the weather is more like ‘typical Dutch’ (read: rainy), the pleasure doesn’t stop. While it’s less crowded you can have even more fun. Like a real Dutchie you’ll proudly defy the rain and have the canals just for yourself. A clear view for sightseeing, the perfect circumstances for a funny holiday photo shoot with typical ‘Dutch drowned looks’, or when the rain gets serious just spend a romantic time under a bridge (don’t forget your candlelight and stay aware of other boats of course!). Please note: in Holland the rain is most of the time just showery, so you can perfectly plan around it if you want. And, because you’re sailing in the city, it never gets really cold.

Top off your citytrip

So long story short: no matter the weather, while you visit Utrecht you will have a great time when you’re on the canals. Be a local and rent a boat to top off your citytrip to Utrecht, famous for its fairytale canals.